10:48 ready.  House so quiet.  Still have that feeling like I haven’t been here much.  Weird.  Coming back tonight and working, money and the domain names, writing, whatever else I can touch.  All first floor office, no nook working.

Good decision not to work at the winery tomorrow.  Getting tired of it.  Wine and its business, the tasting room and people coming in with either great questions no question or they just stand in their tourist row backs turned not listening to a fucking word I say.

Kerri’s brother Chris quitting, and me now even additionally sure that my wine story, at least my actual tangible presence in it, is soon to decease.

Around all those people the other night on the boat, real estate, tech, property management IS the story.  Looking for an angle though supplemental to what I’ve already brainstormed.

Tired now, and don’t want to go.  Should I have more espresso?  YES… this sparkling water was a dummy’s choice.  So I make some, come back to the keys and search domain names again.  One I thought of not taken yet but would cost $250 to secure.  Jesus…. Don’t want to pass on it, but can’t afford it now.  So I think of another one, $0.01.  Much better.