12:37 dress and ready for launch to SF.  Just checked traffic, light to nonexistent.  Now the stress

from this morning fades, that DMV anxiety and trying to find something at the mall for tonight only to look at the price tags and turn to self and say “Yeah, fuck that.”

And another domain name.  May have to push out the Yellowstone trip and purchase of the new camera.  So far, there’s about five domains that I’m convinced I’m buying.  Maybe one or two more.  Going to cap at 10, I swear.  Say this to myself, but I know myself too well.

When was the last time I was one a boat?  My honeymoon?  2007?  And when was the last time I was on a boat in the Bay?  I think when I was little, with Dad and my cousin Jerome.  Again, I think, I can’t remember, and who cares.  Tonight is its own story.  Colleagues from work, BOMA partners… marketing nothing, just bringing with me positivity, gratitude and happiness, and a slight flicker of fearlessness.

For a bit, when I started, I thought I might go back to Sonic.  Now, there’s no way.  There’s too much story here, too much tech, too much money to make for my babies.