Tired.  Up way later than I usually am, last night.  I expected that.  Dinner was amazing, the receipt is here somewhere.  Can’t remember the restaurant’s name, but it was amazing.  Very SF chic, but still relatable and welcoming, comforting.  Like a lodge feel or something.  Vacation, how I felt most of yesterday, or the latter part.

Espresso done, and still might need more.  OR should I switch to sparkling water?  Start new conversations, I tell myself.  Have some water, don’t stop.  Push through the exhaustion – ignore it, or challenge it, FIGHT IT.

On LinkedIN, come across a post that says “Silence is more powerful than proving a point.” Part of me agrees, in fact most of me does.  Then another community of ideas and thoughts rages against such ideology.

Sometimes though silence is agreement with an opposing approach, or surrender, or admission of something.  The rebelling ideas start to take over.  Silence, NEVER.  Keep myself vocal and boastful as a writer, thinker.

Ask Jack to be quiet, he does for a bit then makes more noise, yelling at his friends through that mic.  Annoying, but he’s a kid I have to remember.  Don’t get too frustrated, too reactionary.