Over 1200 words written standing in the 425 Cal office.  Made myself do it, successfully, be in office.  Tonight.  Not sure how much success but some progress.  More in the belief pattern of bit-by-bit rather than thinking I have to complete a whole project in one sitting.

Trecini Sauv Blanc after Oliver’s dinner.  Tired and moving slower but making myself move, do something, anything, even if it’s small.

Posting some of today’s writings tomorrow, before leaving for SF.  Hoping to be in bed early tonight as I was last.  Changing all habits and patterns, maintaining the new Composition and forward.  More wine… red, rest of Meritage.  Olvier’s label.  Cheap, effective, more appropriate with the new business and investments and the MAP’s recent adjustment.

Kerri telling me she did well with her list of aims for day.  I need to start writing an actual list.  Realistic aims, such that I’d have to put forth more effort to not satisfy them than to.

Mail… short walk…. Beautiful outside.  Got darker in the time it took to walk a few doors down and back.  Seasons in shift.  Welcomed.

Relaxed, now completely night.  Grateful, thinking of the kids…