An attempt to get me off balance first thing, not working.  Going to city later, after 9:30 1:1 with the Regional.  Espresso to start, nearly surrendered and said “Not going to the city today.”

Pushed back my own voice, another side of this new Mike Madigan in this new story, this new home, town.

Still waking up… starting another doc.  Set time, 60 days… today, the first.  Specifics put into paragraphs and entries later.  Aligned with the Stoic efforts, I’ll say now.

07:50.  Will note the SC in a sec, see if I can get the meeting pushed to afternoon.  Just noted her.

Need coffee after this espresso.  Didn’t sleep that well, and tonight vowing bed EARLY.  Earlier than normal, for sure.

Notes from the tasting room Sunday, domain names I want to buy.  Three for sure, the others not so convinced.  I’m thinking too much again, deliberating and measuring rather than acting.  Interesting when I think of distraction versus indecision.  Sometimes they’re intwined.

Message from a commercial real estate connection, for coffee today.  See if I can fit that in..

60 days, knowing what I want at the end of it.  Patience, strength, loyalty to self in order to get there.