More discipline and practice of new routine.  No Starbucks this morning, just a small contributor to this sort of re-start.

No one walking past the office window, no voices.  No bird sounds either.  Repeating some of Dad’s words and counsel on things, align it with new perceptions and deconstructions of my own.

Stopping certain cycles and dances.  I just tell myself, “NO MORE.” Yesterday stressing about things so beyond my control and others insignificant that I denounced and deemed them simple obsessions of mine.  Released, let go into some other waters. 

Listening to Eric Hilton beats for the first time in a while.  Started listening last night while doing bookwork and logging of business movements last night, with the Oliver’s Pinot which surprisingly was gorgeous and music in her own known.

Anyway, relaxed.  No a flicker or figment of stress.  No response on the reschedule, again not stressing, simply reason to do the meeting here then head to SF.  Sure to miss traffic, beautiful drive through Marin and coming out of that tunnel and first sight of the Bridge and Bay…

Telling Self that there is more than I need for the story, no need to wish.