from the journal


8:17 presenting another proposal at 9.  Should be my first bit of ink in the new sales story, FINALLY.

Again gratitude near-choking me this morning.  Nice shower, coffee and espresso, the peace of this office.  More than being a stoic, just me – this new Mike Madigan in a much happier and composed life.

Running later, without fail.  Driving home, when my directional voice from phone tells me to take Bay Street to whatever that street is where I got into the little bender, then to the Embarcadero.  All those runners on that path by the boats and the stretch of grass, near view of Alcatraz…. running, free after work.  The same ones every day.

Today, Day 2 of this 60 day project, I’m running.  A full goddamn hour.  Slow, I don’t care. Work on form.  Should get close to six miles.  Not worried about tomorrow’s run.  Only see today’s.

Can’t remember the last race I did… think in ’19, the Surfer’s Path one.  Right?  10 days before my 40th.  

Forever ago, might as well be.

Making running my habit and addiction, obsession…. About EVERYTHING Running.  Blog and business, eventual storefront somewhere in Sonoma County.