08:49 in chair doing expenses.  Could not believe yesterday that I was in Vegas.  Event was more than useful and enlivening, charging and daunting with all the security tech.

Doing expenses, prepping for submission tomorrow morning.  Today, reaching out to any property manager I can start a conversation with.  Simplifying my prospecting approach further, in a number of way but really just the conversation itself.  I shouldn’t have to conventionally prospect so hard…. So, changing the format and reality of practice.

Stability.  Money landing for the MAP, using later.  Everything in Las Vegas speaking to me when Bryan the SoCal SE and I left the event to walk around the hotel then Blvd.  People and the hotels, even stopping in the Flamingo which I haven’t set foot in in 20 years.  Looks different, startlingly.

Hear cars in distance, 101 and Windsor River Road, then a bird.  This juxtaposed with all the noise yesterday.  Of course I prefer this, but the disparity highlights something.  What I prefer, where home is, what I am at this age.

Ahead of everything, surprisingly, this morning.  Sipping coffee, enjoying sounds.  One expense not what I thought it was…