…coffee queued just as Dad does literally every night. 

Been thinking about his systems and organization, consolidations today.  Speaking of, still a few more receipts.  Can’t believe I got through them all.  Never seen the pile that high.

Zin tonight, not say much different than last.  More texture I guess, more wild berry and herb rounds, but maybe I’m tired and my senses are crippled, or even slightly disinterested.

Receipts done.  Loving my 6-word story in the memo column but hating how much I spend on some throws, like Gas, and dining out.  Gas’ indignation is justified but not the dining out.  I know, I need to cut back.  And I have been, lately.  Except for this past weekend with the kids and dinner with Ms. Kerri, then me on Sunday in St. Helena.

Sip Zin, listen to dishwasher, just a bit over two hours till I need to ready for sleep.