13:09 back from errands and done with lunch made here.  Simple, pb&j and chips, now sipping coffee and have more energy than I need.  The rain is considerable, thick and slow and boastful.  In for the day’s remainder, got through a good portion of the the receipts tower but still quite a bit remains.  No rush, chopping it up, five at a time.  Making a game of it and in the memo column of Quicken I order myself note a 6-word story.  No more and no less, has to be six words.  Trying to make it fun, ‘cause when I let the entries go this long it is ANYTHING but fun.

Quiet in the sales story, thank EVERYTHING.  Clothes out for tomorrow, packing light.  Backpack, which I have to empty, journal and pens.  The last time I was in Vegas was with my old friend Chris, when I started grad school.  Was living in San Ramon, in my early 20s.  Jesus.  We went there for a week for my birthday, far too long obviously.  This trip, barely 12 hours.  And for work.  Quite sure I’ll get some ideas from all the different companies