Rain.  Working from home today, and as hard as I want. 

Will go in bursts or jabs of energy and production.  Not making coffee or espresso just yet, waiting.  Listening to rain behind me, looking at the big tree in front of the condo, its branches do this slow back and forth light but rich airy sway.  Like it’s painting, or doing tai-chi.

When growing up in San Carlos I used to see this older Japanese man on his deck, during foggy morning, doing tai chi, and I couldn’t take my eyes away.  His simplicity and grace, peace and slow visual verse.  Fascinating.

Okay… goal today is 20 calls, 20 new conversations.  Leaving early for Vegas tomorrow, probably close to 5 I’d guess.  Time always makes me paranoid and the thought of missing my flight… Can’t even think about it.  Leaving earlier than early and certain much earlier than what someone would call “on time”.

Tired.  Might take a quick power’ before coffee, just get it out of the way early.  Could work…