Dinner done, and back on keys still not much ire or fire or desire for paragraphs.  Hoping this Orin Swift Zin Lexie gave me yesterday helps, make me more free, just lighten or move, re-arrange something in my thinking.  I’ve blocked myself mentally tonight, obviously.

Australian guy yesterday, then group of 4, one a doctor and talking to me about what he has in his cellar which he in no way bragged about.  Calling it humble, small, just for him and his wife.

Yesterday passing quicker than my last winery Sunday.  Goddamnit…. Watching the A’s-Giants game, more tired.  But still, in a wine mood.  And I haven’t even had a glass… studying, my sister’s career, my friend Blair and Nate, Sally… all winemakers.  Then my tasting room and sales allies and histories.

Wine telling my character with warning words, “Don’t allow distractions to decide or divert.” So true.  Writing wine, even as tires as I am, stressed, concerned about certain corners.  Wine speaks to me, music, pages, recital.

This Zin, nothing like that template or regularity I cite, criticize.  Reminds me of my sister’s projects – distinct and textural, syllabic and euphonious, jazz, kind, conversation.  Engaging and magnetic.