Coffee, quiet.  Not a drop of music just the space heater, my little Buddha providing zen and collection this morning.

Double espresso, then some coffee which I’m still sipping. 

Saturday, all day in office after haircut and carwash.

Meeting with my SE at 11.  Lots of driving yesterday, AGAIN.  More and more the commute is a pain, annoying, but for the being time something I have to do.  

Make the best of it—  NO, write it.  All.  Yesterday traffic starting in northern Novato and not letting up till well after San Rafael.  All that time…. Thinking of buying another coffee machine, and mic that I have in the car and not have to use my phone.  Some cheap mic that I can speak into and the 90+ minutes can be used to record ideas, thoughts stretches and meditations.

Felt myself stressing, but it’s gone.  Away with it…. Not sure what…  More than likely…. Who cares.  More coffee.

Waiting on a call.  That could have been a stress spark, so stop waiting.  Cut away expectation.  Trying to not so much master but better steer and navigate the way I think, how I react to, well, EVERYTHING.