Second cup upstairs.  Moved a little money around, now stable.  The new sales story, now showing me much in way of conversation this morning.  Good, no rush.

This morning my car said 35 degrees.  Makes me miss Oregon, summons memories of winters there, the snow and Mt. Bachelor, vacations… again a reminder that life isn’t assured, and it’s here, so just LIVE it – Don’t be sorry for anything.  Today’s new and promising, inviting, here to LOVE.

Dinner last night with Mom and Dad, the conversation we found ourselves in lasting till past 11.  Reflections and gratitude, life and memories, and what we need to handle now as a collective and singular entity.  Again, grateful.  Not sure what else I can say or what word would better suit.

Coffee at perfect temp.  My character, read by me… taken apart and closely considered piece by piece.  What I need to fix, get rid of entirely, then what I need to not touch but build upon.

Conversation with my SE yesterday at the café across the street from he Berkeley campus antagonizing more of these thoughts.  Life is here then not… what the fuck are we waiting for???

Where are my cheaters…