12:33 – Shower, clean clothes, still with quiet, no music.  Espresso… PEACE.

Thought getting out of the sower and yesterday driving to Mom and Dad’s that I want less and less as I get older.  Know I’m not the only one, but I’m noting it here, today…. Reflective and learning, humble, grateful.

Guess you could say I’m on lunch.  Choosing to write.  Last night Dad and I getting having a conversation like we used to have – Philosophy, religion, Agnosticism… LIFE and what’re to do with it.  How quick it is, and that opinions of others matter only as much as you choose them to.

Again hit by a gratitude hammer.  All this in my life, all this love and this room, the space heater, this keyboard, even the sales story, yesterday having coffee with my SE Stanley in Berkeley…. didn’t know what to think sitting there with him – I’m on a college campus and college for me was so long ago.  Want to go back.  To both teach and student. 

Who knows.

Driving directions, to Cotati.  UGH…. Humor, it’s all around this drive, and when I get there.

Taking a minute to self, another.  Deserved.