Kids at school, had a Multifamily meeting over Teams, now in office setting up opportunities in CRM for meeting with SE later.

Snow on mountains in Sonoma County, or this part and driving to their schools in Bennett Valley.  Their reaction to just the sight of snow… enviable.  More than just enviable it’s impressive, it’s like, something I need to try and do.  Practice and get good at.

Again have the photog bug after meeting someone in SF who’s a photographer.  Her work is people, families and kids, solo frames, pregnant women, you know….  Nothing too wowing grabbing, still reminds me of my photographic aspirations if they’re true aspirations and life is fucking short.  JUST TRY IT.

So much to do tomorrow, my only true day off.  When will I have time to get out to a vineyard…?  Stupid question, if you want to do it, you will.  If it’s important, you’ll go out and take pictures.  It’s that simple.

No music again.  Can’t remember the last time I played anything here in the office.  Think smooth jazz the other day, right?  Can’t remember.  Getting old, I hate it.

11:45 meeting.  No feelings about it.