Henry requesting waffles, served.  Zen… Then Jack asks for breakfast.  Served.  Emma should be close to her order placement. 

Have to go through some footage and pictures of the Mountain View site.  After kids are picked up.

The whole morning, meditative.  Week behind me, craziest probably ever.  

But I have today.

Entire day, for the most part.

Henry playing with his Paw Patrol toys.  All he wants to do.  His priority, serious mission of morning.  Simplicity in their aims, and selfishness but not like what we do as adults.  There’s an innocence to it, a relatability and enviable trait.  Not sure how it should be written.  I’ll think about it.

Word count, now set on 149 words, max.  No more 199.  Idea found me driving in yesterday carwash storm, around Novato, just you enter the limits.

In tasting room tomorrow, Saint Helena.  Goes by too fast, temper anticipation.