Already mid-month.  At the last company we’d do these “mid-month check-in’s”.  I looked forward to them, especially as an AE when I got the chance to download and talk to Mark.  Already big changes at this new company, some of which I find alarming but going with the Road and story’s go, seeing where it goes and takes me… how I can make a project out of prospecting.

Jason kept stressing diversity and I more or less rolled my eyes.  Then stopped.  He’s right.  And EVERYTHING is prospecting.  There’s an idea, some project and business in EVERYTHING.  Being a dad, the espresso I just made, tomorrow in the tasting room, the workout I’m hoping to have later, the laundry I started twenty minutes ago.

This mid-month, with ME, centers on diversity of approach and thought, attitude, conversation, language, communication juxtaposed to silence.