Kids gone.  House is different.  Obviously, I know.  Calm…

meditation.  Maybe one more espresso shot.  Rain starts again, me seeing day in front of me.  Want a haircut, need to hit store for some things but it’s not urgent.  Might wait.

Like Mom said one time, “Focus on the moment.”

Now… mindful, peace, grateful I can be here writing this.  Emma and the robot she made in class yesterday, “It’s a Math Robot,” she clarified.

The time with them was vicious light speed.  Nothing I can do.  Calm.. collection with this last espresso shot.

Haircut, then groceries.  Some of them.  9ers game at 1:30.  Maybe no Safeway then…. Have plenty here for myself and I don’t have the kids again till….  Thursday?  Seems like forever.  But forever will swiftly shrink.