Exhausted and in a mood after day at the winery.  Still feel like I’m recovering from last week’s rains and driving and site visits and other bullshit.

This next week, all new, all mine.  Nursing a beer, some cashews, breathing.  Meditation.

What’s for dinner….  Maybe just a sandwich, nothing fancy or elaborate.  Trying to completely halt dining out.  Trying, see how it goes.  Tonight, night one.

Little rain on drive back but nothing like last week or even this morning.  That rain having me think about the call with Uncle Stevie, talking about real estate and investing, planning a future and retirement, settling somewhere.

Starting a new money project…. Just did two things, moved some funds and noted locations and intentions.

Everything has to be a review generating act, or at least with it in mind.

More notes, calming, collecting, new Composition for this renewed Mike Madigan.