Power nap for lunch and a quick peanut butter sandwich, chips.  No money spent so far today.  Good.  Save, gave self allowance for tomorrow though I don’t think I’ll touch any of it as I’ll be inside I’m pretty sure because of the rain.

Little bit of upstairs heat getting down here, but not much.  Me, thinking again about this new sales story.  What it means, why I’m here, what brought me here.

What deciding frames and conversations materialized into this.

Saw something earlier that contributed to the effect of the recent Kerri conversation, then talking with my old AE buddy David and he offering some words, poetic inference consistent with my Beat interpretation of things.

One movement at a time.  No fixation or obsessive quality to my inner-talk.  2:58

Already thinking about when to leave to get kids.  4, more than likely.  Mom and Dad coming over for dinner, relaxing night.  Will let the kids stay up later tonight of course, tomorrow being Saturday.  Have our weekly “party night” as Jack calls it.