In a training.  About pricing, objection handling….

Busy morning with kids, running a little late.  Not too much, but enough for some stress, angst in getting logged into work.

I’m going ALL in with this new sales story.  More than knowing what my “Why” is…. I already know, the EVERYTHING, the kids… but, leaving them something, and providing while here.

Coffee, after some more espresso…. Meeting at 11, going over pricing.  Next week, my resolution is barely be in office.  Just drop by locations, introduce quick, leave a business card now that I have them.

Coffee helping.  Need more, for sure.

Overthinking tomorrow, already.  How I declutter this office, clean the house and the garage.  It’s supposed to rain so estimate nearly a full day indoors.  Which honestly, sounds lovely.

Meeting in 25 minutes.  Cold down here so I dart up the stairs to turn on heat.  Not much of it, if any, getting down here.  Meeting in 15…

Happiness.  Not negotiating.  What I’m taking, making, plating.

After call, more notes.. prospecting, but more importantly notes to self.  Little ‘pro tips’ if you would.

Kerri’s words still pinging and ponging in memory, immediate sight.  Giving me a bit of a renewed manifesto I think.  Interesting.