Started to feel tired, now with coffee I’m alive again.  Sad, but true.

49 outside, too cold to run.  Rest an excuse and one I’m embracing.  Starting running week, five days straight, Saturday after kids leave.  Also need haircut, again.  If I can afford it.  Kidding.

Thinking about what Ms. Kerri said, paralleling with seeing Dane last night.  His attitude and smile versus the manor of others.  Interesting … educating.

Sending a couple more emails, studying slide deck, notes to self.  Coffee helping but still a little sluggish.

Can’t get this morning’s call with Kerri out of my head.  Her business and how busy she gets around the holidays.  Me and blogging, story telling, philosophy on blogging, writing, logging activity what you do and where and why, maybe the how.

James Baldwin words I just found… I’m not going to force the world to do anything, but I will put my character out there.  I will be seen, heard, read.  We all need to tell ourselves this from time to time.