Good sleep last night, no fever to speak of.  

Testing today and hoping for a negative, but I don’t think that’ll happen.  Doing it anyway, for some edification, or something.

Somewhat of a holding pattern at work.  Not much I can do remotely.  Goddamn covid…

Need another espresso.  Or does coffee sound better.  Actually, coffee.

8:41, ca’t access this tab, then another.  What else can I do….  I know!

Start conversations, as many as I can.  Simplicity, consolidated and singular.

9:43 typical new stresses of a new story and position.  Benefits, portals, credentials, back-and-forth’s with IT….   Calm down Mike, it’s Day 2.  And you’re not in office.  Fucking covid.

Sipping coffee and trying to calm which sounds a bit self-cancelling to be honest as all this does is light soul-fire.

Guess I shouldn’t test till Day 5?  Fuck….  This is ridiculous.  Not much I can do till then.  Select benefits, usual new-hire steps.  Anxiety now encircling me.  Need a break.  I know it’s easy, but this is all in my head, annexing focus, obstructing, putting up walls.  Frustration now a dragon.

Conversation with self, interconnected and now more promising, not so covid-noted.