Four poems for the day, three of them very short.  Thinking more in poem form lately, especially after something that happened.  No need to get into it, the poetry is the imperative…. LoFi Beats to pair with my poetic urges this morning.  Now afternoon, or soon. Less than 4 minutes.  When should I leave… maybe 12:10.  Take weights upstairs, still have to do that.  This PEACE PROJECT consuming me with the rimed lines, and this current track… certain things, notable some people and how they are, what they want and how they see the world and their own life, then mine, not in my control.  And I don’t want it to be.  More than letting go, but actualizing this peace I’m addressing.

Picture of Jack and Emma remind me of the EVERYTHING.  Them… my life and story, a DAD.  Nothing is more important, I don’t need to repeat that, but I will.  Actualizing more dad moments and stories, notes, questions… what will they be like when older.

Older, how I feel realizing more and more I need these cheater glasses.  Nothing I can do. Enjoy getting older, I’m trying.  I know some don’t get the chance, more and more recently reminded of this with an uncle passing away.