PEACE PROJECT.  Something I just scribbled, and am exploring.  Peace with self, past and the Now – with those I’ve have disagreements with or outright battles.  Standing your ground I believe is admirable, and the right thing to do.  But, at the sake of your own peace and character composition, no.  Not the best approach.

Cold in here, just noticed.  Need a break.  Walk around the loft, maybe get to those dishes.  Nah, I say to myself.  LATER.  The dishes and glasses in no way sound enjoyable.

11:15, texting someone back and forth and getting annoyed.  Just going to elect a bit of silence.  For ME, my Composition.  My interest in Mental Health in the past few months has taught me so much about me and what I do, how I operate in the day, the words I choose.

Changing character, a lot of people call it “transformation”, popular word and trend and hashtag.  I don’t see it that way… I see just a basic change in the story.  The character, how it tends to excessively think and deliberate, and overthink.  My greatest flaw, or one of them.  I speak positivity but don’t embody the same intensity.  Changing that.