Lunch at 12:30 with Ditter, in chair now 8:25… much better sleep last night.  Game plan or more appropriately FLIGHT plan for today.  Emailed a prospect, then Mark, checked calendar and yes 12:30 with Ditter.

Still can’t believe it.  But the story has to change, I have to change if I want to be the writer I say I do…. Quiet morning, smooth jazz.  Espresso now, coffee made and waiting for the new Mike Madigan this morning upstairs.  Like a lover, or another writer to exchange ideas with.  Exchanging ideas, the phrase taught by Professor Coleman… SSU, Fall of 1999.  So long ago, but all those meetings still following me, teach me again, echo.

Engineering my thinking, ME as a character, progression, new lesson.  Nothing on phone – no messages or alerts or rings, any sound.  What I need this morning.  Break from it all.  EVERYTHING, composition, my kids.. all of them here tomorrow and can barely wait for their demands and questions, their unique and beautiful mayhem.

Having a system, staying loyal and faithful, obsessed with it.  Dad’s idea, just me taking it a step past his voice.

Coffee… slow down in sip.