So many emotions…

Back from lunch.  SEA Noodle, always amazing.  Love that place.  Sat at the bar and it was one of those lunches where I wish I’d ordered what my company did.  Either way, thoughts and emotions, all of them, EVERYWHERE.  Mom messaged me and said my friends will always be there, and always be friends, but that’s not it.  It’s the….  Will write more OFFBLOG.

Trying to distract myself.  Made a double espresso, may walk to the Green in a bit.  Log off early.  Why not.

Weights brought inside, now to rush them upstairs.  Need a minute…. Run planned for early A.M.  Know I won’t fail since it’ll all be on tread, at gym.  May do a little lifting after.

Happy and calm, not as preoccupied with certain specifics after lunch with Ditter.  2:40, still have the entire day.  Talking about sales and prospecting, building relationships and conversations… making me more eased and eager for this new story.

Uncomfortable quiet with no music so the LoFi put back on…. Haven’t felt this relaxed in a few days.  Nearly making me sleepy.  Successfully resisting, at least for now.

Where I am, what I’m doing – this room, this loft… dream.