What I wrote about… the most postmodern consideration of my Now… Gratitude, morning, coffee, health, mental health, blogging, writing, ‘amwriting’, happiness…. So much else of late, but now I’m figuring it out.  So much of it.  Readying for run… ONE HOUR.  Slow, steady, composed, calm… Newness.


4.18 miles, couldn’t make it the whole hour. Hot, and I’ve lost conditioning.  Need to stay at it… bringing all weights to my room in a minute.  Lite lunch, some sparkling water, just finished Diet Coke and moving to water.  Trying to watch all calories in and out.

Happy with day’s progress, my production.  Just sent some more pricing.  Wrote note to wake up before kids tomorrow, and the day next.  Stay ahead of them, always. This will become more difficult I know as they get older, but I have it now noted.

The whole run, acknowledging how beautiful it was out, then when I finally stopped and walked back toward Windsor River, the building, the brick side of one, architecture, so different from Santa Rosa and needed… muted in gratitude.

New timeline, can’t say on what, but I have it in sight.  Want something by…