More and more the morning I see as a speaker to me.. not a barrier or obstructor.

But a postmodern mentor… poetic and kind.

An adventure.. that’s what I’m on.  LIFE, is the adventure.  I already have it—  WE, already have it.  No need to wish, ever.

Grateful for THIS… this line and sentence and morning, hour, even the evil heat outside.  NO— It’s not evil, but gifting and kind.  A rearrangement of perspective… communicating more, with my self and other, with you as readers and the room itself.. this brick and the coffee cup.

Guess you could call this spiritual… YES, it is.  MY spirit, it being elevated and brightened, glossed in new thought and understanding.


9:56 about to get on a call.  Would be a small sale, but I don’t give a shit.  I really don’t. Long as I don’t goose…. Too happy this morning to let anything bend me one way or another.

Happiness… the definition and philosophy while on this call, while the client and SE talk… my only aim and priority.  The kids are the EVERYTHING, and the happiness is elemental and integral.

The wall, becoming a meditation relic and alter.  New, healing…