10:28 call done.  90 outside.  Huh… What now, a break?  Moving those weights back in here… 4 sets of 20, curls.  Then reverse, I don’t know if you’d call them curls, to hit triceps.

Got them in here, the weights or bells, whatever they’re called.  20 reps, biceps.  Rest a minute.  Diversifying health and workouts, but again for sakes of being a runner.  One well-rounded.

No fast counter clock set last night, so just pushing till noon or one then I’ll have something for lunch.  Something light.  Last night had the rest of Emmie’s sandwich I made Saturday for our beach picnic.  She didn’t take a single bite as Jack mistook it for his and  took a couple gnaws.  Saved it and it was clutch for last night.  That didn’t appease so then made self a quesadilla which wasn’t that bad to be honest.

Thinking about that Chinese place I had lunch at for the first time last week after meeting with my attorney. Hmmm…. Looking at the wall again.  Thinking only about love and loving the moment… missing my kids, but not getting down or too emotional.  Staying entrenched and committed, to this.  The moment.  So much to say about this and how I got here…. What it took, all that’s transpired and how my character has been affected.

Life, fragile and inviting, and too fucking quick.  All I’m going to say.  Nothing I can do.  Another 20 reps.  Tired of the current playlist…. How about some Coltrane.  He always makes me more productive and think differently.

Decide something else, some Chill Lounge playlist.  There’s like a million of them on Spotify.  Which is great for me as I use them often.

10:50… break from desk.