Didn’t write the rest of yesterday, and that’s not okay.  I feel lazy and unaccomplished. 

Sending some materials somewhere within company, but how excited am I about that, no idea.

Trying to do everything different this morning from my first email to any calls I might make, to prospecting new business, to the receipts I still haven’t entered.  Obviously no run today, and the gym more than likely will be jam-packed like a tuna can.

Already warm in here.  109 forecast for the day.  Lovely.  Thankfully no fires.  Last thing I need now is to deal with something like that.  Know it sounds selfish, but…. Just what I’m thinking.

Gym toward EOD.  And if treadmills are taken, do something else.  Want my workouts to be more rounded and diversified.  Not so cardio-honed while at the same time all about being a runner.  I’ll figure it out.

Need some space from the desk, but how.  No complaining… thought.  Appreciations of the room and my life, health.  Take full advantage of the opportunity of NOW.

Miss the kids, and am still in a mood after being confronted unjustly by their mother yesterday morning.  Need ignore it, and her.