Quiet in the house, disgusting walk to and from Noto.  Had breakfast there, one of those sandwiches and a 3-shot latte.  Finishing latte now in kitchen as I said I would.  Have to clean house but no interest in doing.  Thinking, putting on music.. doing touch-and go’s on this laptop.  Nothing planned for day… perfect.  Cleaning stuff from closet, oh my god I don’t want to do this… need bubbles, orange juice, make it a mimosa cleaning mission.  Why not.  Can’t caffeine still too much in its roar and work.

All over the house.. third floor, my room and the slums (kids’ rooms), then back down here to loft and to  office.  Already 91…. Not obsessing over temp but my work, these thoughts and what I can do with them in the next 12 or so hours.

Vacuum out but I have more of the latte thus more time to me and these lines and their freed being.  Was feeling a bit warm in here again so lowered temp to 70.  See how long that satisfies.

Quiet… encouraging.  Of course I miss them, but I need this.  Clock moving and reminding me that I better move and be mindful of how I do… we all do.  Mind you steps and the Beat you keep.