Just have to find the time….  Write at night, schedule calls.  I can do it. 

I have to.. need the money and this exposure could do several things for the #professormikey program.

Coffee and bathroom break.  Need a shower.  Running toward EOD today.  No energy or desire to get out there now.  Wish I had the inner-shove, but no.  Going to Healdsburg later for an appointment, may have lunch and write.  Somewhere entirely inexpensive.  El Sombrero or the other place.  What’s it called, Agave?  Either way, taking self on a cheap date, why not.

Already hit all 5 of the to-do’s on list.. huh, first time that’s happened I think, EVER.  Only 9:05, smooth jazz, coffee, quiet.  Kerri asking me how I’m going to spoil myself today… easy. Like THIS.

This is heaven, I swear.  Day off, the WHOLE day.  No plans really, and quiet, coffee and music… time to collect on page.  Woke at 8 and feel like it was the perfect time to leave sheets, pillow.  Ready to devour this entire day and anything it thinks of throwing my way.