Note this declaration – There will be NO distractions tonight.  NONE

No movies or Netflix, no humans… NOTHING.

I’m too driven to be slowed, especially by negative people and their obsession with bringing me in their area and cage.  I feel bad for them, seriously. More and more I’m realizing how quick and short life is.  Thought about that seeing this older man walk out of Oliver’s as I was going in.  It’ll all work out, I know.  All this divorce rigamarole and pingponging.

Nothing to write, other than I’m going to get what I want… business, financial freedom.  I will NOT be held or kept under any ceiling.  Using Kerri’s thought practice of manifesting, and that’s what I’m doing…

Staying on top of all projects.  Can’t afford to be even a thin line behind.

3.25 miles logged earlier.  Felt good.  Hoping for 4 tomorrow.  Same route but a little modified.

Beer in the office, why not.  It’s 4:24 and who gives a shit what time it is.  I’m freeing myself from certain thought arrangements and architectures.  Freeing, FREED… in EVERYTHING.

Working on the #blogeverythingnow site and having problems.  I’ll come back later.. in fact, that is my ONLY project for tonight.  Have a splash page at the very least… and one prospected client.  Meaning, start a conversation.  And I know where to start, a very specific vertical and window.