EOD and wanting to turn off AE laptop.

Relatively smooth Monday. Then a cyclone hits right around 4:30. Of course, I tell myself. AE laptop’s desktop cleaned, and not writing in my NOTES document on this device anymore but straight to blog. Call comes in, done. Emails put off till tomorrow morning, hopefully waking early like my friend. We’ll see.

Do I have another beer? Lady who sees me here and waits every time I visit asks, just as I inwardly debate. I say yes then close out and back home. Setting up office in nook of Mountain Hawk house. Suggested by my mother, and I agreed. Smaller table, more consolidation.

Another message comes in and I get a bit annoyed. Don’t respond. Cold in here.. have to use restroom. Will wait a bit. Lady takes my $20, bringing back change in a sec… Two projects tonight – Blogging practice, budget and real estate.

Measuring productivity differently today and onward. Less items, more intensification. Sales Engineer messages me on a draft I sent to him for a proposal to ICB. He didn’t understand it. I see what I did. Then he sees what I did and says it’s not as bad as he thought it was. Love moments like that, where I learn more about the organization, running a business, proposing solution.. this AE life and just working at Sonic has made me a stronger and more versatile writer. I used to note in journals something like “Who would have thought that a tech company would make me a more devoted writer?” Again I’m thinking this. Seeing and feeling it.

4:43pm, still on clock. Love it. Addicted to the production, and working here at 3rd Street. Wonder if I’ve been here over an hour. Think so. So, $1 parking charge. Why do I think that’s funny. I’m finding comedy in everything today, no stress – not even a drop. How I write, the AE story, these clients that gripe about having to pay their bill, which I understand so no slander… I just find it, and EVERYTHING (my word, obviously), funny.

4:49pm, not much a fan of this beer. Taryn texts me, lunch tomorrow maybe. The wine industry thought again pops into my head. What are we opening tonight… maybe that Ferrari-Carano bottle I took out last night but it was outvoted by the Rafanelli Cab, 2016.