Sent off contract now taking a writing break.

Cleaning out all the receipts in wallet from weekend, Chris’ and my outing.  Sent message, no music, just quiet in this side room or office at Sonic.  Have some emails to send but they can be sent later.  Need to get to gym or run today, around 3pm I’m scheduling.

Looking at condos more and more, Sonoma now, pausing on Petaluma.  Real estate and beyond just the condo… ideas in my head this morning and with this caffeine from the latte— reminds me, get espresso pods at BBB, caf’ and de’.  Tonight I’ll be at the table working, writing into later hours.  No shows, no messaging, but work.  There is a project I NEEd to finish… associated with the condo and the office eventual.  New week, and not feeling anything like a Monday should.  I’ve quit that.  No one day has a set feel or mood or consistency to it.

Jumping from phone to journal, all these businesses and projects, ideas moving me along in a refreshed and radiant beat.  Again reminded of this new life, and everything that will and can happen.  New conversations and characters, conversations….  I can barely be any sort of still right now in this room in the Sonic office.  How could I ever sleep?  Yes, tonight is WORK.  Hoping to be up so late that I call in tomorrow, especially if these two contracts land.  Yes… ooh yes….  If the two contracts land I am absolutely calling in, tomorrow.  Spend the day writing at the beach maybe, and or going for a long run somewhere.

Or looking at condos….  Can’t stop thinking about it.  One thing at a time, I keep telling myself.  But I’ve everywhere, all over the bloody place.  Stopping, slowing, calming, honesty… truth.  Thinking more about that, honesty and truth to the point where transparency’s an understatement.  And the relationship of such attitude toward nonfiction writing.  Should write students in a bit, but anyway…. honesty.  Me here in the office inside the office, sales, sending out contracts hoping they’re returned but I realize I’m impatient and want every fucking thing right now.  Again, calm down I tell myself.

10:12, already?  Get off this page and look for new business.  OH, mail off the app for the leads group.  What else can I do?  Use restroom… then head to Field, somewhere.  Where.