Woke and first thing I wanted was to come here to 12 & Mission and write.

8:18, don’t have to be in Sonoma till 10:30, there abouts.  No wine really speaking to me yesterday while out with Chris. Bought one bottle of Pinot at Armida, then one at MacRostie where the wifi didn’t work and by that point I was so hungry no wine was saying anything to me. I’m in that funk with wine again.  The outing with Chris itself was perfect, and much needed, even with the obnoxious heat and smoke, I was enjoying the day in a way I haven’t in weeks.

Latte, 4-shots.  $6.05.  I type that then get distracted by budget and entering yesterday’s spends.  I put out off, come back to Tycho in my ears and the keyboard, this morning, here in the Starbucks down the street from where I’m now stationed.  Like a refugee, sometimes I feel.  That Tom Petty song.  Not sure if the song addresses anything like this, but that’s where my head goes.

Seeing old neighborhood friends last night, that have known me since I was 7, possibly younger actually.  Made me more than happy, and much …