AC Talk

10:06 – Messaged Chris letting him know that I’m here early to do a little writing.  May walk around the plaza in a bit, just to be outside, live, gather material or observations.  Seems like there’s a to of cars driving past on East Napa Street.  Not sure if many will be out today.  How hot is it supposed to be….  Yeah 90s later, 93 at 3 o’clock.

AC on now, room temp is perfect.  I feel something about today, like I said in this morning’s writings, but here on the square I feel it more.  The other night having dinner with Katie and Mom & Dad, felt it too.  Maybe I’ll move to Sonoma and not Petaluma…

Life is an expansive page, more than I ever thought prior.  There’s something headed toward me.  The Rumi quote… tried looking for it but couldn’t find it.  Anyway, it’s like ‘whatever you’re looking for is looking for you too…’ Think today I might find IT, or part of IT.

May put tables out, relax on the parklet.  Everything speaking to me.  Feel like I have 12 or more senses… this laptop, when Dad gave it to me of course I thanked him and he responded “I know how important your writing is to you.”