At coLAB. Different room.

That same guy in the other room where I usually post is on the phone as always talking loud like he’s the only one in there.  Had lunch in Petaluma, didn’t walk around and prospect at all as I hoped to with the heat and smoke.  Temp now is 97.  Even feels a little hot in here.

Project by project, my mission while here.  First, budget.  Then, looking for …..

Leaving around 4, I’m thinking.

Budget done.  Lots of time remaining.  Quiet in the AE world.  Looking at condos in Petaluma.  Thinking that town will be the writer’s new stage and street-studio.  Sat at the counter agains the window, with my sandwich and glass of Miner SB.  Then here to solve this equation of what to do with Bottledaux…

I know I already know, or have it, but I just can’t see it.  It’s in my thoughts, that Everglades-like stretch of perception above my eyes.

Guy opens door to one of the bigger offices spaces, walks out and into that social space.  Work… people working… life’s work.  The topic.  Or one of them.  Me, this blog, life, working, only doing that… Manuscript in Bottle.