Board Call

7:22.  Done with dinner, now thoughts.  Much of tonight’s writing will be off-blog.  But now, thoughts.  Business, family, peace, health, MENTAL health – which some have some weird stigma or perception around, like if you write about it or are interested in it, how to improve your own, you’re off or weird or something.  Hilarity in the judgement, as the ones assessing and estimating and valuing are those in need of self-assessment and mental health priority.  But I guess there I’m judging, so….. 

Writing slow.  Not allowing more than 300 words tonight.  Want to write about the night and my thoughts, from watching baseball to the shrimp burrito from my buddy Jose’s place, to the laundry I’m finally getting around to doing.  Time just dashes by me.  It knows what it’s doing.  Such a devil, always.

New conversation with someone I’ve been connected to for a few years – new everything.  New music.

Tonight will teach me something, I’m sure.  With work as well… new wine book, story, pursuit.  And no I’m not fucking sipping right now if that’s what you’re thinking.  Only thinking… about the vineyard, the barrels, people, time in the tasting room.

Watching The Godfather on… A&E I think.  When was the last time I watched this?  At the part where the cops roll up on Michael and Enzo outside the hospital.  Family business… have to keep remembering this, it’s for the kids.  Bottledaux, and EVERYTHING.  That’s my fucking mistake, right there… I’m focused on building something for me more than the babies.

Fucking FOOL.

Thoughts circling me now and picking me up, flying away with me.  Painting pictures of the office, travel, wine, books… the kids in the office with me.  The kids… Jack and Emmie, little Henry… that’s the key, the answer, the composition of any bridge to any aim.