Leads meeting done. Sent a couple emails. 9:22.

Going to follow up on what I thought was a promising prospect, then call at 11—  I mean 10.  This latte from Oliver’s tastes weird.  I took off the cap when she handed it to me to put on cinnamon as I always do and noticed no whip.  Brought to her attention and she said, “Oh, you wanted it ON TOP…. oh…” What, I thought.  As opposed to…… so she put some on top and now it just tastes odd.  Not going to finish it, I can tell. Not letting it ruin my day or even touch my temperament.

This variant and now another variant is giving me direct uneasiness and volatile nerves.

Taking notes for possible meeting later, call with prospect done.  Already close to 11.  Time reminding me… be varied in day, take time to write.  Last night to self and thoughts everywhere in my Now.

Quiet…. Thinking of taking a quick nap.  15 minutes, something like that.  I don’t know.  Still waiting on that referral check, which I hate.  SHIT… need to make another call.

Done, and now a writing break.  Still feel the jolt from that shitty Oliver’s latte.

Emailed students.  Have to say, this is the most stationed and work-devoted I’ve been all week.  At least that’s how I feel.  Write more freely, I tell myself.  In my email to the 1A sections I said, “There is only opportunity to get what you want, the only obstructions and interruptions are the ones you allow.”  Need my own advice heed.  Especially with writing.

Someone at the company died.  He had six kids.  I am not reflecting upon this as I usually do.  This time, it’s no reflection just movement, production.  Life is cruelly curt, and when the line is out you don’t know.

Like Mom said, or the mask she gave me did, does – Drink Coffee, Write Books, Be Happy.  Wore it to the leads meeting this morning, getting several compliments.  “Are you a writer?”, one lady asked.  Told her I was then she asked if I’ve ‘been’ published.  Told her yes, by me, on my blog.  Not in a rude way, but with strength and certainty.