Didn’t run yesterday, or workout, after my lunch with Davin, so that’s the most tugging aim I can think of for the day.  Dinner with big kids later, around 5.  Tomorrow at Caddis for the first time in a few weeks.  7:29, I know it’s early but I want to be ablaze with ideas and intention.  Yes, already.  Like Sal before the Road.

Need to re-read that book.  Always say I’m going to but never do.  React to every word, the name Dean and every time Sal mentions him.  All the other people, the music… teaching myself to write, all over again.  Right now, THIS morning.  Like I’m a student in one of my 1A or 5 or 1B sections.  Any of my classes.  Students always say they don’t know what to write, or write about, and often I say “You’re not supposed to.” Or, “Stop thinking about it.”

I sense travel, new places and voices, being in the car and driving…. To Santa Cruz, my born town, or Santa Barbara.  Something for ME.  What I want to see.  Poetry, in EVERYTHING.

The Mike Madigan this morning…. Heaping with intention and desire for something but unspecified.