The Marin half is getting closer.

One day soon I'll be back at this pace and distance, and better...

I’ll be ready by then, 10/31, easily.  Starting a streak today… running everyday.  Yes, everyday.  Even if it’s only a mile.  I’ll go down to six days a week, eventually.  Then five.  But to be the runner I want to be, I need to do 7 days a week.  Starting today.

Looking at running blogs, different styles and people, life stories.  My running story, starting today, and with this impending divorce.  Running will get me everything I want, need, have thought about pursuing.  Literally, EVERYTHING.  And I am About EVERYTHING.  This morning I see running differently.  I see myself as a runner much differently.  Cannot bloody wait to get to the gym, be on the belt, running at whatever speed.  Just running.  10.5 hours into fast.  No plans to break it in this hour, or the next, or the next.

In this running declaration, the Holy Contour, I will only be a runner.  Not a writer, not a business bloke, certainly not a wine writer or geek or anything-wine.  Just a RUNNER.  Music much of what running is, and what it entails.

Music, Running…. New playlists, tracks….  I’m reborn as a runner today.  Yes I’ve said that before, written and posted to blog.  Today it’s real.  It’s just… real.