42 in one month. Fuck….

In Sonic office, about to send contract to prospect, soon client.  Done with latte, need some of Sonic’s coffee.  Honestly it’s not bad.  Feels incredible to be here, in the office, in character, on the stage and in this world.

Fascinated by this office and the organization, structure of departments and how they communicate and overlap, interlink.  Hear some people here, more than the last time months ago when I stopped by for…..can’t remember what.

Think some people from the NOC (Network Operations Center), Dispatch, Logistics, and possibly OSP (Outside Plant).  Sory of how this all started, again bending my attention…..  Need more coffee.  Shocker I’d write that, I know.

Engineering the day one way, then another…. Have till 1 when I have to be back at the house for something, think to talk to the fence guy.  Yeah that was it.  Ugh, that goddamn fence.  Such a thing and to-do with the neighbors and the actual workers working on it, and now that fucking side gate not opening and one of the guys cutting the internet cord….  Just want it to be OVER.  You know?  That feeling when you’re just DONE.