Far as I know, I’m caught up.

9:20, seated with coffee.  Odd walking around and seeing people with masks, you don’t know if it’s who you think it is.  Strange land, strange everything, still.

Coffee tastes the same as it did before covid gripped.  

Contract sent, now what.  Prospect…?  Hold for a second. Next month, hitting verticals.  I know I go back and forth on that a lot, but…. Next month needs to be approached more wildly, creatively.  Going into more offices.

Admin day tomorrow…. Expenses and time card.  Just verified drives and distances.  Two expenses, one for vendor lunch last Friday and yesterday’s exorbitant parking fee at the Berkeley stadium lot.

10:09, thought it was later than that.  Don’t want to leave the office.  Home by 1, or a little before.  Sore from run yesterday, and tired from the heat or something.  Point, not fucking running today.

Henry this morning, up earlier than usual.  Spoke into phone, notes above.. not posting here so you can’t see the notes.  Apologies.  Or maybe you’re welcome… 

IDEA… one meteoric, hitting.  Quick, write it before it escapes like an inmate planning to and finally gets gaul to so do.