Day with both laptops on desk, both open and ready.  Guy in kitchen I think sanding down the—  Just had an idea, for the #prospectesk office and project.

Posted it.  Site not entirely ready, still need more creative and adjustment to it.

Ready to call on first lead, dental office in Fountaingrove, then follow up on some other older leads.  After seeing something last night with some forthcoming commission, I’m right now doing the day differently.  Having notes always in writing reel.

Two laptops, two journals, and one scratch pad.  And, the iPad Mom gave me.  Build this business then transition into next set and song.

Emma hungry and upset she can’t go into kitchen and have breakfast.  Melissa to soon take her to get something.  Just remembered going into field yesterday for the first time in MONTHS, and getting directories.  Call them as well.  Don’t like calling, but have to do it.  Starting with this dentist.

Called, left info with receptionist.  Who knows what that’ll do.  Now to call another dentist, or is he a doctor?  Focusing more on “essential” (I feel a word made famous by this pandemic…) businesses, namely doctors and dentists and lawyer (OH SHIT!).