Nursing a MAXIMUS, Lagunitas.  Needed after the day, when I knocked over the latte in the car ‘cause I had it resting on the armrest and when I got back into the cabin I elbowed it like it were a defensive move in an MMA fight, unintentionally.  I went back to sbux and just lied and said they didn’t put the lid on tight, or at all.  That’s of course a lie, a great one – simple, succinct, and how the fuck can they prove me wrong type of fib… no, LIE. 

Then the client who needed a recommendation on a router… then the one before that who wanted something explained to him that I really couldn’t explain and my Engineer is out sick with I’m guessing Irish flu… there was something else… what.  I don’t care, I’m enjoying this sip, will have a good class I guess, good as it can be as little as I care, and then dinner.

Shit, the kitchen’s still a little stench-y from the primer, and there’s tape on the range top (Is that what you call it?  I don’t cook.)….  May be eating out, and I don’t want to honestly.  Not hungry …