After going out into the field and photographing some business directories in Fountaingrove and driving to Airport Blvd but only to get gas and leave to drive up to Windsor to have lunch with family, I’m back in the chair.  Sipping coffee.  Will need more in a second.  Nursing a double-cup, or tumbler, I made earlier.

Reasoned:  No classes for Fall.  Am not going to respond to the letter from department asking us wee adjuncts if we want assignments in Fall.  I’m done.  I’ve outgrown it.  I want to do other things, ride other currents, build different architecture.  A fun run, but I’m done.

Calls to make tomorrow, listed on notepad.  Contract from SF finally landing, so I’ve signed something new this month.  How did it come about, I’m asking myself.  What was different about this one than the others?  Well, they’re on a fiber path, they have money, and they’re communicative.  How do I find that kind of character on my own, again?  More prospecting, of course, but beyond that… no idea.

Not in the mood for class, but this happens every time.  Soon as I get on, tonight a zoom link I just again remembered….  Planning.