Latte. Guy here doing cabinets, new paint and handles.

First house project I’ve paid for in some time, most significant easily, by far.

Made call to lead in city, he promises submitted contract sometime this afternoon, assures me he’s moving forward with it.  Famous last words.  Now counting on it.  Going with this urgency and paranoia over not selling anything in over 30 days… I think it’s working for me, or could.

Prospecting in a sec, new area…. Peninsula possibly.  Have an inbound lead from San Carlos, Laurel Street, and have emailed and left a message but no return yet.

Sent out zoom link for class tonight.  Haven’t written plan yet, or points to hit with class.

Notes and little pieces of paper all over the desk, not stressing me though.  Seeing everything as a lead, on this short writing break.

Making rule of rules – no post on this blog exceeding 199 words.  Why… discipline exercise for one, control and branding another.  See how it goes, and how this morning goes, how month goes, how sales go…

More with these notes.  Less is better Mark told me, not the Enterprise Director but friend of mine who owns a winery.